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Tiaprid able to act on dopamine receptors, previously already sensitized to the dopamine in the application of any other antipsychotic drugs, and connect it with this antidiskineticheskie effects.

In some animal models of stress in animals, including alcohol withdrawal buy equipoise symptoms m mice and primates, tiapride anxiolytic activity was confirmed.

Tiaprid showed the formation of a physical or psychological dependence.

This atypical pharmacodynamic profile explains the clinical efficacy tiapride in many disorders, including giperdofaminergicheskie conditions such as psoriasis and psihopovedencheskie disorders observed in patients with dementia or in people who abuse alcohol, with fewer neurological side effects than typical antipsychotics.

Tiaprid has a strong analgesic (as in interoceptive and exteroceptive with pain), antiemetics due to blockade of dopamine D2-receptor trigger zone of the vomiting center, hypothermic effect due to blockade of the dopamine receptors of the hypothalamus.

Absorption tiapride fast. After oral administration of 200 mg tiapride maximum plasma concentrations achieved 1 hour is 1.3 mg / ml.

Bioavailability is 75%. When the pill buy equipoise immediately before ingestion bioavailability is increased by 20% and the maximum plasma concentration – 40%. The absorption in the elderly is slowing down.

Distribution in the body is rapid (less than 1 h). It penetrates through the blood-brain barrier and the placenta without accumulation. The volume of distribution is 1.43 l / kg. The animals mentioned drug penetration into breast milk, with the ratio of concentrations in milk and blood is 1.2: 1.

It binds to plasma proteins very weakly bind to red blood cells. Tiapride metabolized slightly (to 15%), largely inactive metabolites. Not found conjugated metabolites. 70% of the injected dose detected in the urine unchanged. plasma half-life period of 2.9 hours in women and in men 3.6 hours. Elimination occurs mainly by the kidneys by glomerular filtration and tubular secretion, renal clearance is 330 ml / minute.

In patients with impaired renal function, excretion depends on creatinine clearance, in reducing excretion tiapride which slows down (see. “Dosage and administration”).

Indications for use:

In adults:
– Relief of psychomotor agitation and aggressive states, especially in chronic alcoholism or in old age.
– Thrust intense pain.

In adults and children older than 6 years:
– Different types of chorea, buy equipoise syndrome.

In children older than 6 years:
– Conduct disorders with agitation and aggressiveness.


– Hypersensitivity to tiaprid or to other components of the preparation.
– Diagnosed or suspected prolactin-dependent tumors, such as prolactinoma pituitary gland and breast cancer.
– Pheochromocytoma, suspected pheochromocytoma.
– Parkinson’s disease (except in cases of urgent need for tiapride).
– Children up to 6 years (risk of choking if it enters the tablet in the windpipe).
– lactation (see Pregnancy and lactation “.).
– Co-administration of buy equipoise levodopa (see” Interaction with other medicinal products. “).
– Simultaneous treatment with cabergoline, quinagolide (see. “Interaction with other medicinal products”),

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