define equipoise

Basic pharmacokinetic parameters relate to tetracycline. Absorption – 75-77%, while food intake is reduced, the connection with plasma proteins – 55-65%. Time to maximum concentration after oral administration – 3.2 hours (2-3 days may be required to achieve a therapeutic concentration). Over the next 8 hours the concentration gradually decreases. Maximum concentration define equipoise (to achieve the therapeutic effect is sufficient concentration of 1 mg / L)
crosses the placental barrier and into breast milk. The volume of distribution – 1.3-1.6 l / kg. The body is unevenly distributed: the maximum concentration is determined in the liver, kidneys, lungs, spleen, lymph nodes. The concentration of bile in the 5 to 10 times higher than in blood serum. In the tissues of the thyroid and prostate tetracycline concentration corresponds detectable in plasma; pleural, ascitic fluid, saliva, milk of lactating women – 60 – 100% concentration in the plasma. It accumulates in large amounts in bone tissue, tumor tissues, dentin and enamel of deciduous teeth. Poorly penetrates the blood-brain barrier.
In intact membranes in the brain cerebrospinal fluid is detected or not is determined in a minor amount (5-10% of plasma concentration). Patients with diseases of the central nervous system, particularly in inflammatory processes in the brain membranes, cerebrospinal fluid concentration of 8-36% concentration in plasma.
Slightly metabolized in the liver. . The define equipoise anuria h urine found in high concentrations at 2 hours after administration and is maintained for 6-12 hours; for the first 12 hours, the kidney appears to 10-20% of the dose. In smaller amounts (5-10% of the total dose) excreted in the bile into the intestine where there is a partial reabsorption, which contributes to prolonged circulation of the active substance in the body (enterohepatic circulation). Excretion through the intestines – 2050%. When hemodialysis is removed slowly. Nystatin is practically not absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.Displayed through the gastrointestinal tract. Nystatin has no cumulative properties.

Indications for use
Nystatin in the tablet aims to prevent the development of kandidamikoznyh infections.
Infectious diseases caused by sensitive to tetracycline microflora: pneumonia, bronchitis, tracheitis, empyema, cholecystitis, pyelonephritis, intestinal infections, syphilis, uncomplicated gonorrhea, brucellosis, rickettsial disease, purulent infection skin and soft tissues, trachoma, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, abrasions, stomatitis, gingivitis, acne.

: Hypersensitivity to the drug, pregnancy, lactation, leukopenia, liver failure, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Childhood and adolescence for this dosage form.

renal failure.

Dosing and Administration
The dosages are based on the tetracycline define equipoise (tetracycline in one tablet contains 0.1 g).
Inside, after eating, squeezed water, 0.5 g 4 times per day or 0.5 – 1 g every 12 hours, the maximum daily 4.0 dose Duration of treatment is determined physician.
Uncomplicated urethral, endocervical and rectal infections caused by Chlamydia trachomatis – 0,5 g 4 times a day for at least 7 days.

Side effects From the digestive system: anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, glossitis, esophagitis, gastritis, ulceration of the stomach and duodenum, the hypertrophy of the papillae tongue discoloration of tooth enamel in children, irritation of oral mucosa, dysphagia, hepatotoxicity, pancreatitis, increased activity of “liver” transaminases, hyperbilirubinemia. From the nervous system: increased intracranial pressure, dizziness or unsteadiness. From the side of hematopoiesis: hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia, neutropenia. From the urinary system: azotemia, hypercreatininemia. Allergic reactions : maculo-papular rash, skin flushing, angioedema, anaphylactoid reactions, drug lupus erythematosus. Other: superinfection, photosensitivity, hypovitaminosis B.


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Interaction with other medicinal products
The absorption reduces antacids containing aluminum, magnesium, calcium, iron supplements, and cholestyramine.
In connection with the suppression of intestinal microflora, reduces prothrombin index (requires a dose reduction of indirect anticoagulant).
Reduces the effectiveness of bactericidal antibiotics violating cell wall synthesis (penicillins cephalosporins).
Chymotrypsin increases the concentration and duration of drug circulation. Reduces the effectiveness of oral contraceptives estrogensoderjath and increases the risk of bleeding “breakthrough”; Retinol – the risk of increased intracranial pressure.

Specific guidance
In connection with the possible development of photosensitivity, you must limit sun exposure.
To prevent mucous membranes in the mouth irritation is recommended after taking the drug thoroughly rinse your mouth.
With prolonged use, requires periodic monitoring of renal function, liver, of the blood.
It may mask the symptoms of syphilis, in connection with the what, if possible mixed infection, you need to monthly serological analysis for 4 months.
All tetracyclines form stable complexes with define equipoise calcium in any kostnoobrazuyuschey tissue. In this connection, in the reception period of tooth development can cause tooth staining in long yellow-gray-brown color, as well as hypoplasia of enamel. To prevent vitamin deficiencies should be given vitamins B and K, brewer’s yeast.